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LUTZ Elevators is your expert in all aspects of the lift industry. Our range of services encompasses planning, manufacture and assembly of installations in new and existing buildings as well as repair, maintenance, modernisation and restoration. Flexibility and close relations with the customer are always our key concern. Here you can find your personal contact person for your specific request:

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Marcello Pantke

Tel: +49 40 72769 118

Elevator technology and partner-based customer relationships have been the focus of his work for nearly three decades. He accompanies the product from the first blueprint to its installation and beyond, and he knows how to efficiently implement the most diverse requirements in terms of technology and design.

+49 40 72769 118

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Your contact person

David Jaramillo

Tel: +49 40 72769 203

From container ships to mega yachts – David Jaramillo has many years of experience dealing with the demanding service and scheduling requirements in the maritime industry. As naval architect he is also very familiar with all technical and regulatory requirements, as well as the applicable international rules and standards. He is your first point of contact when it comes to manufacturer-independent after sales services for marine elevators, including annual inspections, maintenance, repair, spare parts and modernisation of elevators on board of vessels and offshore platforms.

+49 40 72769 203

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Your contact person

Marten Beyer

Tel: 040-72769-264

An impressive level of technical and commercial expertise makes Marten Beyer the ideal first point of contact within our repair  sales department. Looking back at nearly 30 years of experience, he knows the individual and demanding requirements of our customers like the back of his hand. He is driven by an ambition to offer and implement the best technically and financially viable solution for customers whatever the situation.


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Your contact person

Eva Hillmer

Tel: +49 40 72769 248

Our customers can always count on Eva Hillmer. She was instrumental in setting up the new accounting system at LUTZ Elevators and has spent many years getting to knows the ins and outs of the company and its processes. Thanks to her extensive know-how, she is the primary point of contact for customer’s questions.

+49 40 72769 248

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Your contact person

Svenja Grimm

Tel: +49 40 72769 158

As head of the service centre, all that matters to her is the satisfaction of each and every one of the LUTZ customers. She is a bastion of calm, even when things get a little hectic. By taking a proactive approach, she always manages to turn problems into solutions.

+49 40 72769 158

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Transparent on all levels

Lift blends harmoniously into a listed residential building

As part of the core refurbishment of a landmarked terraced house in Hamburg, the specialists at LUTZ Elevators have succeeded in creating an architectural and technical masterpiece. The wheelchair-accessible lift was integrated into an existing elevator shaft. Transparent elements predominate, and the lift offers users a corner access. This elevator allows the resident to lead a self-determined life on a day-to-day basis.

Corner access

In order to avoid interfering visibly with the exterior structure of the building, the lift system had to be installed using a technically intricate construction. From the side of the building on the ground floor the lift takes the user directly to the first-floor corridor, which faces the front of the building.

Hydraulic system

The elevator car is arranged in a so-called rucksack configuration with a separate machine room, ensuring that the shaft, which was also painted white, remains clean and uncluttered. There are no wires or counterweights to disturb the visual appearance, allowing the lift to blend harmoniously into the residential ensemble.

Transparent portal

The transparent portal on the residential floor affords a clear view of the lift and the windows directly from the house. The cabin door as well as the rear wall of the cab are made of glass, flooding the room with light and creating a homely ambience despite this being a technical installation.

Integrated shaft

By incorporating it into the pre-existing building structure, the entire lift system is given an unusual transparency, also when viewed from outside. The elevator is fully integrated and yet it creates a remarkable impact, both technically and visually.