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LUTZ Elevators is your expert in all aspects of the lift industry. Our range of services encompasses planning, manufacture and assembly of installations in new and existing buildings as well as repair, maintenance, modernisation and restoration. Flexibility and close relations with the customer are always our key concern. Here you can find your personal contact person for your specific request:

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André Szelagowski

Tel: +49 40 72769 285

André Szelagowski has been working in the elevator industry for 15 years. Since then, he has dedicated himself to sales. One thing has priority: 360-degree support for our customers. According to the motto "nothing ist impossible", André Szelagowski finds the right LUTZ solution for every technical challenge.

+49 40 72769 285

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Your contact person

Marten Bayer

Tel: +49 40 72769 264

An impressive level of technical and commercial expertise makes Mathis Ostkamp the ideal first point of contact within our repair  sales department. Looking back at nearly 30 years of experience, he knows the individual and demanding requirements of our customers like the back of his hand. He is driven by an ambition to offer and implement the best technically and financially viable solution for customers whatever the situation. In the event of a malfunction, please contact our emergency hotline directly at: +49 (0)40 727 69-200.

+49 40 72769 264

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Your contact person

Eva Hillmer
Eva Hillmer

Tel: +49 40 72769 248

Our customers can always count on Eva Hillmer. She was instrumental in setting up the new accounting system at LUTZ Elevators and has spent many years getting to knows the ins and outs of the company and its processes. Thanks to her extensive know-how, she is the primary point of contact for customer’s questions.

+49 40 72769 248

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Your contact person

Svenja Vock_Service Center
Svenja Vock

Tel: +49 40 72769 158

As head of the service centre, all that matters to her is the satisfaction of each and every one of the LUTZ customers. She is a bastion of calm, even when things get a little hectic. By taking a proactive approach, she always manages to turn problems into solutions.

+49 40 72769 158

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Created by LUTZ |

When a lift goes full circle

An elegant free-standing elevator adds a very special flair to the stairwell of this new building on Hamburg’s Alsterwanderweg

Right in the centre of this comparatively narrow wellhole, Lutz Elevators was able to install a special circular construction that harmoniously matches the distinctive characteristics of the interior design. The wire mesh underscores the filigree aspect of the lift, lending it an unusual lightness while nevertheless fulfilling all relevant safety requirements. The power unit, driven by the hydraulic piston installed underneath the cabin, allows the shaft to remain virtually free of built-in parts.

Lift cabin

This is where the full effect of design-oriented engineering skills come to the fore. Curved, cabin-high sheets of glass, and shaft doors that are also curved, round off the lift’s elegant, circular layout. Vertical stainless steel pipes support the stainless steel handrail and harmonise with the clean-cut design of the vertical extrusion that houses the call buttons to the side of the shaft landing door. The engraved brass plate embedded in the natural stone floor adds the perfect finishing touch.

Shaft frame

The daylight shining through the shaft frame provides a pleasant, natural lighting effect in the lift. A few LED spotlights and mirror segments supplement the lighting in the elevator cabin.

Handrail with call buttons

It could hardly be more unobtrusive. The stainless steel tube of the handrail is only 40 mm in diameter and yet it houses the floor selection and other call buttons.

Wire mesh

Bronze wires, interwoven with a transverse stainless steel rope, create a uniquely lustrous shimmer. A mark of the outstanding craftsmanship is the double-edged mesh that is bolted to the shaft’s circular frame.